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The art of woodturning has existed and practiced for thousands of years, it is not until recently that turned wood vessels began to transcend function and be accepted as art.

By signing the name of the wood on my objects I testify to the importance of nature's role in my art and acknowledge the collaborative interaction between wood and artist in the creative process.

Regarding functionality and utility versus abstraction, the objects are in reality sculptures disguised as vessels. Their function is to display the beauty of nature and to reflect the harmony of man.

The word "ELAINON" which is the name of our studio –workshop, was first used by Homer and means "made of olive wood". The majority of the work produced in our shop is of olive wood which is abundant in the area. Most wood used comes from branches removed during the pruning process thus preserving the environment. Other local woods used are, eucalyptus, mulberry, mastic, holm oak, carob e.t.c.



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